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Therapy – Automatic writing is a tool in Psychology, hypothesized by Freud, as a person looks deeper into his being. By getting accurate psychic readings in this manner, the one writing is granted a deeper insight about his own self, his thoughts, his feelings, and even his most coveted secrets. It was by Pierre Janet in France who first applied this method. Later on, Morton Prince, and Anita Muhl, in the United States followed suit.

Not only that the reading we get gives us that necessary push to go ahead. Be it our best friend, our parents or someone who knows us closely. But getting that advice of the block on what we should do and what we shouldn’t is not possible. Free cheap psychic readings is not always so easy to find.

On the phone, most of this, if not all of it, is eliminated. Therefore, the very same “hits” have a much greater import, and are far more impressive as a result. Period.

Be wary of psychics who say that by buying their stuff like candles and giving them your jewels will bring back a lover or reverse a spell. Spells and curses are not true but are very useful tools for psychics to have control over the querent.

Lots of fortune tellers exploit distinct tools of the trade, so to speak. Some employ rune stones, or perhaps i ching. Or maybe a Crystal Ball. Or possibly one of the many esoteric tools that are in use today. Its only a question of which one you like, and what they feel most comfortable with. Still, of all fortunetelling tools, the Tarot Cards are perhaps the most regularly used by all cheap psychic readings, and for many valid reasons.

NEVER commit to more than 30 minutes on an initial reading. (I prefer 15-20) Why? Because once you get the introductions and “niceties” out of the way, you can truly tell if a professional intuitive has a clairvoyant connection to YOU within 5 minutes. Remember, while 5 minutes is not a long time… 5 minutes on the PHONE is a long time with someone who is “reading” you, and if you are not impressed early, t here is no reason to stick around for too much longer.

Here is why I say all of this. I’ve very skeptical about whatever a psychic tells me. I’ve been to so many of them throughout the years and to be honest, I was disappointed a lot. But it just took one great psychic ONCE who blew me away with her knowledge of me and my future. Her intuition was just incredible, and that’s why I’m still talking to psychics when in times of need today.

Let history be your guide. Only select psychics and services that have stood the test of time. Insist on money back guarantees. Seek out psychics that are the best of the best, and services that ONLY hire the top readers in the industry. Never invest more than 20 or 25 dollars on a reading, until you are 100% sure they are accurate. (you do this by getting a test reading first) And lastly… ENJOY yourself. Don’t be so serious! A psychic reading SHOULD be a fun and entertaining experience, as well as informative! Have fun with it… .and be prepared to be blown away!

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